Mobile Contract Complaints Climbing

Mobile Phone Complaints

We’re certainly a moany bunch us Brits, and it appears the moaning is only getting louder, after it was discovered that we have issued more mobile phone contract complaints than ever before.

Consumer groups who are speaking on the behalf of smartphone users have spoken out about the service, length and general price of mobile contracts, slamming providers who offer shoddy network service.

Many users are finding themselves struggling to send and receive messages and calls due to poor network quality in their area, and are still expected to pay out a full monthly cost, something that angers many consumers.

Other problems are caused by the length of the average mobile phone contract, a few years ago, contracts lasted around 18 months, but now the majority of deals last around 24 months at least.

According to the latest statistics we complained 50% more often in 2012 compared to 2011, with Orange and T-Mobile the most maligned providers.

Further complaints have been issued through recent years due to rises in prices within contracts after consumers had taken them out.

Calls for fairer mobile phone deals are being made by many consumer groups, asking for contract lengths to be brought down, or services brought up.

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Written by Luke Hatfield