Limited Edition Chinese New Year iPhone Available

iPhone 6 Gold

Luxury gold coating company Goldgenie isn’t exactly known for its budget mentality, and it appears this isn’t changing after the company revealed its latest iPhone 6 customisation package.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the company has revealed a brand new handset named the Elite Year of the Goat Limited Edition iPhone 6.

As you’d guess, this isn’t your normal smartphone, and is catering to an exclusive crowd to say the least.

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Apple Tax at a High!

Whilst iPhones aren’t exactly the cheapest handset on the market, this latest version of the handset tacks on quite an expensive mark-up to say the least.

Costing a whopping £2,637 for the 64GB version of the Year of the Goat handset, it’s safe to say that the average smartphone shopper won’t be picking up this handset.

Things don’t get any better if you want a bit more storage space either – with the 128GB version costing £2,837.

The 24k gold plating is obviously going to be the main reason for the price hike, but you also get a luxury cherry oak box containing the handset, as well as the laser engraved goat symbol on the back of the chassis as well.

Your standard mod cons are also included, with a charger cable, plug adaptor and earphones alongside the phone, with free worldwide shipping included.

In comparison, this is one of Goldgenie’s less expensive iPhone 6 models, with its Diamond Ecstasy editions costing up to £2.3 million.

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The most exclusive iPhone?

As with many of Goldgenie’s previous handsets, the Year of the Goat edition is available on a limited basis.

Only 99 copies of each version of the device will be produced, making it a unique prospect for fans looking to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a gold plated gift.

Every phone will be shipped sim-free, so you won’t have to go through the effort of unlocking the handset when it arrives either.

However, it’s worth noting that every iPhone will lock to the first sim card you place within it, so there’s no guarantee that the phone will be unlocked after placing your sim card inside it. Of course, if you’re spending this sort of cash on a handset, an unlocking fee is unlikely to bother you too much.

Luckily, you do have the option of paying a 50% deposit on the handset, so if you can’t quite stump up the full amount right away, you can at least manage your payments to help out.

You can order the Year of the Goat iPhone 6 direct from the Goldgenie website. It goes without saying that you won’t be finding it in your local high street stores or shopping centres considering the nature of the device.

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Written by Luke Hatfield