Cheap iPhone Rumours

Cheap iPhone Rumours

Ever since the iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) rumours began, we’ve been hearing the same suggestion cropping up: that Apple is set to release a cheaper version of the iPhone.

Updated 3rd September 2013

Although Apple fans all over the world agree that the iPhone 5S will be unveiled tomorrow (10th September), this advertisment released by Apple suggests that we will also be getting our hands on the iPHone 5C available in a variety of colours...

Yet more photos of the iPHone 5C have leaked, courtesy of

What do you think?

Updated 28th August 2013

Does this video really show the budget iPhone 5C? The video, posted by iPhone jailbreaker Tanner Marsh, allegedly shows the iPhone 5C in 5 colours, as predicted. 

​But is it the real deal?

Updated 15th August 2013

September 10th reveal date?

Most rumour sites have come to the consensus that the iPhone 5S will be released to eager public eyes on September 10th. Does this mean we will see the budget iPhone on the same day? 

Analysts have also commented that the iPhone 5C might replace the iPhone 4S at the bottom of the pile, offering a dumbed-down version of iOS 7. Rumours suggest that the high-end features familiar on iPhone devices will be omitted from the budget iPhone, including Siri. 

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Updated 29th July 2013

iPhone 5C?

Images supposedly depicting packaging for the new budget version of the iPhone suggest that the device will be called the iPhone 5C.

The images, leaked from WeiPhone, don't give much else away. However, they do give more substantiation to the claim that we will see a cheaper version of the iPhone at some point this year.

Updated 9th July 2013

Is this the budget iPhone?

Last week we supposedly saw the budget iPhone is an array of bright and gordy colours, but this week tech site, Techdy, has unveiled a series of images which show a more subdued version of the cheap Apple device. 

Rather than featuring cheap plastic casing, these latest images suggest the budget iPhone will be made using polycarbonate, and will be available in both black and white. 

However, critics have warned that the lack of any physical buttons- including a power button- means that these images are either the budget iPhone in its early stages, or completely fake mock-ups. What do you think? 

Updated 2nd July 2013

Budget iPhone in an array of colours?

And until now we have shrugged off most rumours as nothing but hearsay, but now leaked images of a potential cheap iPhone have made their way online. Could this be the real deal, or are these pictures simple cheap knock-offs that have made their way into the wrong hands?

What do you think? Real or fake?

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel