Charity tries to ban hands-free phone use while driving

Charity tries to ban hands-free phone use while driving

UK charity, Brake, has appealed to the government to ban hands-free phones for drivers. It has also lobbied to have the penalty for using a mobile phone whilst driving increased from £100 to a minimum of £500.

Brake insists that despite using a mobile phone behind the wheel being illegal, a number of drivers continue to do so, and the availability of hands-free kits does very little to help the situation.

The charity has warned that using a hands-free kit whilst driving can still result in accidents, and is just as distracting as eating, drinking and smoking behind the wheel.

Instead, Brake wants all drivers to switch their phones off as soon as they get into the car, and wants all mobile phone users to be aware of the dangers of talking to someone whilst they are behind the wheel.

Although the government has denied that it will change the current rules on hands-free kits, the department of transport stated that road safety remains a “top priority”.   

Manufacturers have also been looking into a variety of sat-navs which are less distracting than traditional navigational devices in order to make driving safer, though there has been no evidence to suggest that sat-navs is a major cause of road traffic accidents.                                             

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel