CES Gets Started: Could Bring Smartphones Aplenty


January normally brings a few things; gym memberships, bad weather and lots of uneaten Christmas treats. However for technology fans it also brings one more thing – CES, otherwise known as the Consumer Electronics Show.

Bringing TVs, fridges, and all manner of technological delights, CES doesn’t focus purely on smartphones, but every year we always get a few new devices to chew on. Hosted in Las Vegas, if you have a ticket you can always make your way inside the event, but otherwise we’ll do our best to keep you in the know.

What is CES?

Hosted on a yearly basis, CES is the first tech event on the yearly calendar, and tends to focus on a widespread selection of devices. Everything and anything can be found through the doors of the Las Vegas Convention Centre during the show, with smartphones just a small part of the event.

In previous years we’ve seen things like 4K televisions, curved screens and smart appliances all make the cut at the show and this year’s event is likely to follow suit.

CES packs plenty of tech into just three days...

What to expect at CES 2016

2016’s show will run from today (6/1/16) through to Saturday the 9th January, giving manufacturers the opportunity to cram all kinds of technology into only a few days.

CES tends to be a bit less smartphone based compared to the likes of MWC, which takes place in March, mainly because the spring event focuses purely on mobile devices rather than electronics as a whole. However, we’ll still get plenty of handsets to look at, even if it won’t be quite at the level that MWC offers…

Phones to Spot at CES 2016

CES might not be the powerhouse smartphone event that MWC is, but as we said, there won’t be a shortage of smartphones to chat about.

The phone which has previously used CES as a Launchpad is the LG G Flex, with the more recent G Flex2 being one of the best phones of last year’s show. This has given credence to the rumours of a follow up G Flex3 appearing at this year’s event.

LG will also be showing off an entire new K series smartphone duo in Vegas, with the devices aiming for a lower price tag than its flagship phones, but still keeping a top-notch design.

The LG G Flex2 stood out at CES 2015, will we see a successor?

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Samsung could also be taking its place in the Nevada desert to reveal some new Galaxy A smartphones, with 2016 versions of the A3, A5 and A7 all potential phones to go on show, whilst a brand new A9 could also appear. Samsung has also been tipped to announce that its previously restricted Note5 phablet will be headed to Europe and the UK at the show – but this is still up for debate.

Elsewhere, we could see more phones from ASUS, Alcatel, Huawei and ZTE at the event as well, so don’t think that CES is going to be something to overlook. For more information about the event, head direct to the CES website.

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Written by Luke Hatfield