CES Kicks Off This Week

CES 2015

One of the biggest events on the tech calendar, CES gets going this week, giving us a glimpse of some of the most promising gadgets coming to us in the first part of the year.

The event, which is hosted in Las Vegas each year, gives us an array of technology to drool over, ranging from your standard items like televisions and mobile phones, down to some more of the unique devices like a supposed smart belt (apparently that’s a real thing!).

Much of the news will filter through starting tomorrow, as all of the press events are set to get going this evening, whilst the conference will be opening to the general public on Tuesday as well.

What can you expect to see at CES this year?

What Can We Expect?

Wearables are widely expected to dominate proceedings in Vegas, but don’t expect an early look at the Apple Watch, which is more likely to make waves in February.

We’ve already mentioned a smart belt, but other wearables include plenty of smartwatches, some of which are merging your regular timepiece with smart straps, meaning you’ll be getting a classic analogue display which works independently to the strap, which will help with fitness tracking.

Another wearable piece of hardware set to showcase is the Ring, which offers you the chance at controlling your phone using handheld gestures.

In terms of mobile phones, we’re expected to see efforts from a number of manufacturers make the cut, with ZTE already showing off its voice control on the Star 2 handset.

The LG G Flex’s successor is also reported to be making its announcement at the event, along with the possibility of other handsets also being unveiled by companies trying to get a western foothold on the market.

Many of the blockbuster smartphones scheduled for a release will most likely miss out at CES, instead aiming for MWC, which will be held in the first week of March.

The Barcelona based event focuses primarily on smartphones and tablets, giving major devices a much stronger launch pad, with handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Sony Xperia Z4 expected to headline the conference.

Will the LG G Flex 2 be the biggest smartphone in Las Vegas?

What Else is there at CES?

For computer lovers out there, you can expect to see plenty of 4K and 5K monitors, whilst internal components are likely to steal the show.

Whilst this might not sound super exciting, it will definitely mean a lot for upcoming devices, improving speed and performance.

Home based technology could also impress, building on the idea of Nest and other devices that are beginning to build traction when it comes to the development of tech in our day to day lives.

Finally, for those who are big on their cars, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see plenty of vehicular technology also make an appearance, with driverless cars a prospect which is turning plenty of heads.

Of course, as news filters through from the event we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all of the latest news from Las Vegas, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for all the goss!

Written by Luke Hatfield