Cat B100 Revealed at CES

The Cat B100 is the first mobile phone to be revealed at the CES in Las Vegas this year, and whilst it might not be the most intelligent handset it certainly is a rugged one.

Unlike its predecessor the B15, the B100 doesn’t feature a touch screen or the Android operating system, but continues Cat’s long time approach to be as durable as possible.

The B100 has a laundry list of safety features; being able to be submerged underwater for half an hour, is drop-safe up to 1.8m and is completely dust-proof.

The phones internal specifications leave a little to be desired however, like we mentioned before, it doesn’t feature a touch screen but also has only 64MB internal storage, this can be expanded but to say it’s on the low side is a real understatement.

The phone has a 2.2” display and supports 3G networks, with Cat also backing its keypad, stating that it is suitable for use with work gloves, to cater for its main consumer audience.

To top it off the phone can operate in temperatures between -25C and 55C; helping avoid those pesky overheating warnings we’ve come accustomed when on holiday with our smartphones.

The B100 is set for release early this year, with a price tag still one of the main questions being asked of the device.


CAT B100 noise cancellation

CAT B100 ergonomic design

CAT B100 hot and cold protection

CAT B100 drop protection

CAT B100 dust and water resistant

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By Luke Hatfield