Budget iPhone Design Rumours

Budget iPhone from iLounge

So Apple is not exactly known for budget devices but the rumour mill has been buzzing with news of a possible low cost iPhone. A leaked report last week outed the iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 as well as others amongst which was an iPhone made of plastic.

It has been speculated before that the budget iPhone would be a plastic model but now further information seems to point to a mish mash of products that will make this phone. Design elements from the iPhone 5, iPod Touch and iPod Classic will apparently be featured on this iPhone according to iLounge.

So the rumours say that the iPhone will look pretty much like the iPhone 5 from the front with a 4-inch display (although it will only have a resolution of 1136 x 640) with the button arrangement looking the same as the higher end phone. The side view of the phone will be reminiscent of the iPod Touch with oval shaped volume controls rather than the newer circular style.

The chassis of the phone will be similar to the iPod classic with flat surfaces and the plastic construction will be a factor in the lower pricing of this model. The bottom of the phone will be a mixture of the iPhone 5 and latest iPod Touch with a headphone port, lightning port and a microphone.

So this detailed rumour seems to show that the budget phone will simply be a mangled up version of previous devices, well if Apple are looking to keep the price down then there would be no budget for a re-design right?

All those details but the one missing is the price, so it remains to be seen whether Apple can really put themselves into the budget smartphone market.