BT launches new home smartphone

BT launches new home smartphone S

One of Britain’s most famous telecoms giants has launched its own smartphone, primarily for home use.

BT has launched the Home SmartPhone S, an Android-powered smartphone which aims to block nuisance calls.  Users can access all the usual apps available via the Opera apps store, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The BT Home SmartPhone S features a rear facing camera and 2GB of expandable internal memory to store photos and music files. The smartphone functions on your home’s WiFi connection, and allows users to save up to 1,500 contacts, making a physical phone book redundant.

BT Home Smartphone S

Nuisance call blocking

The device is based on BT’s successful home phone, the BT6500, which was the first BT phone to block unwanted calls. The smartphone features the same call-blocking capability, allowing users to bar calls from private or international numbers, as well as blocking outgoing calls to expensive premium-rate numbers.

To avoid late night or early morning calls, users can even operate the “do not disturb” mode, which switches the ringer to silent, as on most mobile phone devices.

BT reports that it received over 50,000 calls to its Nuisance Calls Advice Line last year, suggesting this latest home smartphone could prove popular.

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