Brazilian company release an Android IPHONE

Gradiente's iphone Neo One

A Brazilian manufacturer, Gradiente, has announced that it will soon be releasing its new iphone, and will call the first model ‘Neo One’.

Suspiciously, but legally most importantly, the Brazilian phone will be spelt entirely with lowercase letters, as opposed to Apple’s lowercase ‘i’ in the iPhone. However, the South American company has in actual fact held the patent for theiphone since 2000, a whole 7 years before Apple launched its first iPhone.

Following various legal battles against Samsung and Google, observers are speculating about the possibility of Apple filing a lawsuit against the Brazilian company because of the obvious similarities between their brand names. Earlier this year, Apple failed to win the court case against a Mexican company who named their model the ‘iFone’.

Even if Apple decide not to launch a legal debate with Brazil, the release of the iphone may cause other problems for the American manufacturer, especially as plans have been drawn up  for Brazil to become Apple’s first ever store in South America. The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, has also recently announced plans to make Brazil its next target market after China.

Few details about the new iphone have been released as yet, though speculators have suggested that the model will feature a 3.7 inch touch screen and will have a remarkably iPhone-like appearance. Gradiente's website advertises the phone as having a dual-SIM capability, operated by a slightly dated Gingerbread Android operating system.

 What is clear, though, is that the iphone will clearly not be a challenge to the multi-million dollar American corporation.