Super-Secure BlackPhone Coming Soon

Will the BlackPhone be the most secure smartphone ever?

Living in fear of the government tracking your every phone call, every text message, even your downloaded songs? Well help is at hand with the BlackPhone, which is set to launch in around three weeks’ time.

The BlackPhone was one of the quieter appearances at MWC all the way back in February, and that’s its style, staying under the radar from pretty much everyone you could imagine.

Hype began to surround it when websites began to name it ‘NSA proof’, or in British terms, safe from prying MI5 and MI6 eyes.

Featuring a 4.7” 720p display alongside a 2GHz quad-core processor, the BlackPhone runs a custom built Android operating system that is designed purely around security.

Is the BlackPhone really NSA proof?

With all of the headlines surrounding Edward Snowden, the NSA, and President Obama over in the USA, it was no surprise to see Geeksphone jump on the prospect of releasing a more secure smartphone.

It works by encrypting information collected from phone calls, text messages and emails onto completely secure servers which not even the company that owns them can gain access to, meaning that if the police want access to these records, that the company can’t supply them with it.

Also, features that alter the way the phone may happen to record audio during phone calls are included within the handset to add even more security to the Fort Knox style handset.

Of course very few smartphone consumers should have to worry about what they have on their phones that could be of interest for the police, but for those who like their security at the highest level; this handset could be of interest.

Previously BlackBerry was considered to be the ‘king’ of smartphone security, with many high-profile politicians and celebrities often siding with the manufacturer in an effort to keep their data secure, but now it seems the BlackPhone could take its mantle.

What can we expect from the BlackPhone?

Geeksphone has also confirmed that the handset already has several thousand pre-orders on its books worldwide, meaning that it is clearly a proposition worth paying for, for at least a portion of the smartphone market.

The BlackPhone clearly makes Samsung’s Knox feature look like tracing paper on security terms, offering up an unmatched level of encryption and peace of mind to the more paranoid amongst us.

Costing approximately £370 and featuring mid-range specs, it might be friendly to your security, but it certainly isn’t kind to your bank account. Also, with the chances of it making its way into subsidised contracts slim, it might leave many questioning whether it’s worth the price.

However, with the ever looming headlines surrounding security, voicemail hacks and online invasions, it’s no surprise to see some of the more powerful and high-profile among us shell out for it.

So, if you’re looking to make sure that your snapchats, text messages and tweets sent from your smartphone are shown only to those that you intend, maybe you should take a look at the BlackPhone.

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Written by Luke Hatfield