BlackBerry to Reveal New Handset at MWC


Rumours are circulating of a new BlackBerry handset making its way to Barcelona this February for MWC, with shockingly little known about the handset.

The Canadian firm has been working with a new business called Foxconn International Holdings, who happen to work with Apple as well, and this is the first handset that is being primarily assisted by the company.

There is no picture being circulated with these rumours, meaning that leaks are being plugged in the bud by the company very well.

But all we do know is that this latest handset could be revealed this February, making all sorts of bells and alarms ring out for MWC in Barcelona.

Other than this the only other clue we are being given is that the handset will run on BlackBerry 10.2, the latest BlackBerry operating system.

We will definitely have our eyes peeled for the handset when we travel to Barcelona for MWC and will let you know more about it when we do.

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Written by Luke Hatfield