BlackBerry to Integrate Android Apps

BlackBerry World

BlackBerry has reportedly spoken with several Android app developers about accepting apps designed for Android onto its BlackBerry 10 operating system.

The Canadian company has seen a tumultuous few years result in massive losses and a growth in reliability issues from consumers, dropping BlackBerry down the pecking order in terms of software.

This deal would bring apps developed for the Android operating system over to BlackBerry with little extra work from developers.

Developers would only have to create a BlackBerry World profile and insert logos and icons to make the app available for BlackBerry 10 users.

Many BlackBerry owners have slammed the operating system after many popular apps either failed to appear or were poorly constructed by the business based phone manufacturer.

This deal would obviously rectify this issue and bring fully working and popular apps back to BlackBerry users who desperately need something to cheer about.

BlackBerry is rumoured to have spoken to at least four app developers during the CES at Las Vegas this month about discussing this deal, meaning apps could be in place later this year.

Some reports suggest that BlackBerry users may have access to native Android apps as soon as BlackBerry 10.3 is released.

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By Luke Hatfield