You Can Now Register for the BlackBerry Priv!

BB Priv

You may or may not have heard about BlackBerry’s latest smartphone creation. The Priv is the first smartphone from the Canadian manufacturer that will run the Google powered Android operating system.

It was unveiled just a matter of weeks ago following plenty of online leaks mentioning the handset, and now it seems that you can register your interest for the device!

BlackBerry Priv Specs

The Priv was previously known as the BlackBerry Venice, and was the source of plenty of excitement for smartphone fans across the globe. Its slider design is something which hasn’t been too prevalent in recent devices – but has tugged at retro strings for many fans, who’ve mentioned interest in such a handset.

Are you excited for the new BlackBerry phone?

On top of this initial support, BlackBerry has helped itself out by also filling out the handset with plenty of powerful specs. The aforementioned sliding display boasts a full 5.4” QHD screen that even has curved edges, much like those on the latest iPhone devices.

A Snapdragon 808 chipset is also included alongside a hexa-core processor and 3GB RAM, providing plenty of speed behind the scenes. Also, 32GB of storage should be more than enough for the average user, although you can boost this if you want by utilising the MicroSD card slot also located on the handset.

Even photography fans are getting a smooth ride with the BlackBerry Priv, as it offers up an 18 megapixel rear facing lens capable of recording in 4K quality. The selfie snapper is equally useful, boasting 5 megapixels that should make Snapchats look better than ever.

In general, the Priv is arguably one of the most well rounded devices you’ll be able to find this year, and could be signs of a re-emergence of the company following several years in the smartphone shadows.

Thinner than the Note5?

The first Android phone from BlackBerry!

Whilst sliders haven’t been all that common of late, the Priv brings the fad back in true style. Rumour has it that the phone actually comes in thinner than the Samsung Galaxy Note5 (which was 7.6mm for the record).

Somehow it’s able to cram in a 3410mAh battery into this slim chassis, along with the full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen. Topping the design off is an exemplary audio system that’s fronted by a full width speaker at the base of the device, which provides great quality as well as a non-obtrusive look.

The only problem that we really have with the Priv is the lack of information we have about its launch, which still hasn’t been given a concrete date. Also, we’re still waiting on a price for the device as well, although many rumours point to a price tag around $630 (£410 for us Brits). This price obviously points to sim-free versions of the phone, contract deals will likely start at around the £35/month mark.

So, do you think you’ll be picking up the BlackBerry Priv? Let us know if you’ve registered your interest on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield