BlackBerry Passport Going on Sale this week!

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry’s re-entry into the flagship phone market is set to commence tomorrow (Wednesday), as the company unveils its Passport device in its latest media event.

BlackBerry hasn’t had the best time over the past few years, with profits dropping, phones bombing out and numerous software issues turning people away from the manufacturer.

However, it looks like the tables could be turning this week, with the BlackBerry Passport set to get shown off by the Canadian company in an effort to rekindle interest in the struggling brand.

Do you think the BlackBerry Passport will be a hit?

Passport Specs

Coming in a unique form factor to say the least, the BlackBerry Passport sports a 1,440x1,440 square display, something which is very rarely seen on our handheld devices.

Behind the hood the Passport holds a Snapdragon 800 Chipset as well as a 2.2GHz processor and 3GB RAM, making for a powerful handset to say the least.

32GB of storage also makes the cut on the upcoming BlackBerry device, which can be built upon with a MicroSD card, giving a near endless supply of space.

On the camera front we find a 13 megapixel lens placed on the back side of the handset, whilst a more modest 2 megapixel lens features on the front side for all your selfie taking needs.

BB OS 10.3 is the software which will be making an appearance on the device, which is promising more apps and more reliability during day to day use, something which wasn’t held highly in previous efforts.

Also, BlackBerry is pushing the boat out with its battery life, claiming that its 3450mAh battery pack will last for 36 hours without a charge, something we’re eager to see if it’s the case.

Will you be buying the BlackBerry Passport?

BlackBerry Release Date

BlackBerry is holding an event tomorrow (Wednesday) to unveil the Passport device, which will be hosted in London, Toronto and Dubai simultaneously.

Lucky for us, the smartphone will also be readily available right after the launch event, much like the stunt pulled by HTC in March, when the One M8 was revealed and released on the same day.

We’re unsure of the actual markets in which the handset will be available this week, but the UK is almost guaranteed to be one considering one of the event locations is in London.

Similarly, the US, Canada and the Middle East are also certain to be involved, whilst parts of Europe and Asia are also expected to see the Passport before the end of the week.

The retail price of the Passport is currently settling at around $599 in the US sim-free, meaning a £400 price tag should be about right here in the UK.

Obviously contract deals will cost far less up front, with deals expected at around £25 a month with a free handset, but prices will differ depending on tariff and network details.

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Written by Luke Hatfield