BlackBerry Focusing on Physical Keyboards

BlackBerry has not had a smooth ride over the past few years, and in an effort to rebuild their reputation they will be focusing predominantly on QWERTY keyboard based smartphones.

The Canadian company recently reported losses totalling $4.4 billion, with this being blamed mainly upon their decision to battle the likes of Samsung and Apple on the touch screen market.

BlackBerry has also made other notoriously bad decisions over recent years which have contributed to their fall from grace; they most notably turned down the opportunity to have Justin Bieber as a celebrity partner, claiming he was ‘just a fad’.

The move with Bieber would obviously have brought in the cash, but after that failure BlackBerry also released its buggy and unresponsive BB10 operating system, which didn’t take well with consumers.

BlackBerry also cancelled two upcoming handsets along with their live conference, giving the media further reason to question the company's stability.

After considering this BlackBerry has decided to head back to their roots, focusing on their formerly successful business and corporate fan base, which prefer the use of physical QWERTY keyboards.

This is certainly a well-considered move by the company, which saw its sales boom when they first came to prominence; however it’s unknown how successful the concept will be in the age of large touch screens.

BlackBerry hasn’t clued us in on what their next phone will be, so we will be waiting with bated breath to see if they follow through with their promise to head back to their roots.

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By Luke Hatfield