BlackBerry Flagship on the Horizon


BlackBerry is getting back up and dusting itself off, as it seems ready to head back into the smartphone battle with a brand new flagship handset later on this year.

BlackBerry hasn’t had a good time over the past couple years thanks to a stale design, a shortage of apps and a slightly dodgy operating system.

But this new flagship handset could start to turn the tide in BlackBerry’s favour, possibly featuring a 64-bit octa-core processor.

The smartphone doesn’t have a name yet or any trustworthy spec list, in fact the only thing we know about the handset is about the aforementioned processor and that it could be released this September.

BlackBerry has been focusing on improving its operating system and its BBM app, which could be unveiled at MWC later on this month.

The Canadian company had cooled speculation about a rapid re-entry into the smartphone market after MWC, but it appears that September could signal its return, rather than having to wait until 2015 like many expected.

It’s unknown what style BlackBerry we will be seeing this year as well, as the company could opt for a touch screen or physical keyboard, we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Written by Luke Hatfield