BlackBerry DTEK60 Announced

The announcement from BlackBerry that the company would no longer be manufacturing their own handsets and would instead focus on software had avid fans of the brand bereft. There is still a chance to get a BlackBerry smartphone though as the latest flagship has been confirmed. The BlackBerry DTEK60, dubbed the most secure Android smartphone in the world, has been released and first impressions look, well, impressive!

Most Secure Android 

dtek60 most secure android device

The BlackBerry DTEK60 is being pegged as the worlds most secure Android smartphone, taking the baton from the previous DTEK50. This next evolution has been well received with, what is expected to be the last smartphone from BlackBerry making fans of industry experts and users alike.

BlackBerry has a strong pedigree when it comes to device security and this is one of the reasons it became so popular with young professionals and business users. Smartphone security is becoming a concern for more and more users as the phone becomes the device of choice for storing personal photos and information.

blackberry dtek60

The DTEK60 has Android 6.0 on board and includes additional security measures such as a secure bootloader, the DTEK App and full disk encryption.

BlackBerry DTEK60 review

The DTEK App will monitor the handset OS and apps and will notify the user when privacy could be at risk and it will indicate the overall security rating for the phone and how it can be improved if needed.

blackberry dtek60 smartphone

The app will keep an eye on everything and issue notifications if risks are identified such as an app or third party accessing the camera and taking pictures or turning on the microphone.

The security features continue throughout the device with additional steps to protect the BlackBerry DTEK60 from attempts to tamper or hack the phone. Password Keeper will securely store important records, log in information and passwords while encryption will protect personal information and pictures should the phone be lost or stolen.

The handset has a fingerprint sensor placed where the index finger would naturally be placed on the back and it can be used for unlocking the phone or making purchases.

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BlackBerry DTEK60 Features

The security specifications of the BlackBerry DTEK60 are impressive but that doesn't mean that the rest of the feature list has been compromised. 

The handset has a 5.5inch QHD screen and a Snapdragon 820 processor on board along with 4GB RAM and a 3,000mAh battery pack.

The screen has an Oleophobic coating and is scratch-resistant with 4x the pixels that are on a standard HDTV delivering impressive detail and colour depth.

With Android on board there are millions of apps to choose from on Google Play and the Convenience Key on the side of the phone can be customised with your most used app for quick access.

dtek60 intelligent keyboard

The overall design and feel of the phone puts the phone in the high end of the market, although the price is lower than the equivalent handsets from other manufacturers such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or iPhone 7 Plus..

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BlackBerry DTEK60 Camera

bb dtek60 camera

This handset sees the rear camera boosted to a 21-megapixel lens which is a nice jump up from the 13-megapixel used on the DTEK50. There are plenty of shooting modes to capture unusual and interesting photo and video images and there are a number of professional settings that can be adjusted to suit.

Phase Detection Auto Focus and a dual-tone LED are on board to allow the camera to focus quickly and produce blur-free shots and live colour filters and full manual options allow for tweaks and changes for superb image quality.

The front facing camera is an 8-megapixel set up with an LED flash for capturing selfies or using it over video calls.

This latest BlackBerry phone has plenty to give every type of smartphone user with the high-end look and great performance. The security of the device is second-to-none making this a great choice for the professional user and consumers will love the peace of mind the BlackBerry DTEK60 provides too.

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Written by: Carmel Brown