BlackBerry Classic Launched at Last

BlackBerry Classic

After numerous leaks, the BlackBerry Classic has finally been launched, and is available to buy now on a worldwide basis.

The handset is a form of successor to the BlackBerry Bold 9900, offering the much loved QWERTY keyboard and trackpad seen on many of the company’s older devices.

In terms of design, we don’t see anything we didn’t already expect with the Classic, but this doesn’t take anything away from BlackBerry’s brilliant style.

The standard form factor takes precedent on the Classic, with all of the ports and buttons where you’d expect to find them.

One nice touch is the metallic edge trim which surrounds the outer rim of the Classic, giving it a much classier look than some other business styled devices on the market. This trim also extends between each row of the keyboard, which also helps the device look better than ever.

Will the BlackBerry Classic be a hit?

BlackBerry Classic Specs

If you’re more curious about specs then you’ll be happy to see a 720p 3.5” touchscreen built with Gorilla Glass 3 make the cut on the Classic.

A dual-core 1.5GHz processor couples 2GB RAM within the Classic, giving it a fair bit of power to play with behind the scenes, whilst 16GB of storage can be expanded on through use of a Micro SD card.

A Snapdragon chipset is also included alongside an Adreno 225 GPU, again making for a nice surprise in the BlackBerry device.

If you’re a photo buff then an 8 megapixel rear mounted lens should do the job for you, whilst a 2 megapixel selfie snapper is also included, offering a pretty average experience on the whole of it.

BlackBerry’s own BB 10.3 operating system  runs the software side of things, but now includes Android apps, thanks to the inclusion of the Amazon App Store, which will make the Classic much more attractive to app loving users.

The BlackBerry Classic is available worldwide to buy now, costing approximately £300 sim-free, with contract deals varying depending on tariff and up-front payment amount.

Will Android apps tempt you into getting a BB Classic?

BlackBerry on the Comeback

With this release it’s safe to say that BlackBerry is finally getting itself back on the map after what’s been a pretty awful 18 months for the Canadian manufacturer.

With popularity diving and numerous issues arising throughout the company, BlackBerry was widely expected to fade away completely, but this fight back signals otherwise.

Handsets like the Passport, which sports a strange looking design but some superb specs, have performed very well, and it seems that the company’s reputation is finally in a rebuilding process.

Of course, only time will tell as to whether BlackBerry can be considered one of the premier smartphone manufacturers once more, and will be based heavily on whether follow up devices can improve on the sales shown by the likes of the Classic.

Hopefully things go well for the business phone company, as it’s always a shame to see less smartphones making headlines each year.

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Written by Luke Hatfield