BlackBerry Cancels Upcoming Handsets


Troubled smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has cancelled two phones which were in development, piling more pressure on the Canadian company after their revenue losses were reported earlier this week.

The two phones were reportedly low-end handsets which were to be aimed at emerging markets, meaning that we were unlikely to see the duo of handsets anyway.

They were codenamed Café and Kospi according to reports, and were pulled when BlackBerry announced its £2.7 Billion losses earlier this month.

To compound the company's problems, BlackBerry has also called off its annual BlackBerry Live conference next year, where all upcoming phones are normally shown off to the press and public.

The conference is set to be replaced by smaller meetings, where phones will be revealed to the media in less dramatic fashion.

BlackBerry is still set to release two high-end phones, codenamed Ontario and Windermere next year, but details on these handsets are sketchy at best.

Whether these phones will survive the fickle fan-base BlackBerry is currently trying to impress is another question, but it is clear that that the Canadian company is still suffering.

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By Luke Hatfield