BlackBerry Announces Passport Phone

BlackBerry Passport

It’s been quite a while since BlackBerry has done anything here in the UK, thanks in part to a disastrous year in terms of sales.

But the Canadian company is attempting a comeback, introducing the Passport, the latest handset to make its way off the BlackBerry conveyor belt.

The BlackBerry Passport sports a fairly odd design considering the current smartphone norm, with a very square style, featuring the trademark QWERTY keyboard from the manufacturer, which is sure to win at least some business loving fans.

The handset was originally codenamed the Windermere until now, and boasts a 4.5” 1440x1440 display, which totals 452 pixels per inch above the keyboard.

Rumours suggest a fairly good spec list as well for the BlackBerry handset; with a Snapdragon 800 chipset, 3GB RAM and 3450mAh battery all making the cut.

The handset is also boasting a big design as well, leaving many questioning its status as a smartphone or a phablet, despite only packing a 4.5” display.

Would you consider grabbing a square BlackBerry?

One thing that is for sure though is that is certainly has a distinctive look, which could help claw back some of BlackBerry’s stuttering sales figures, with the company having sold just 1.6 million handsets in its last reported financial quarter.

One addition we are thrilled to see make the cut on the Passport though is a 13 megapixel lens on its back side, which should give some stunning pictures, even if it is slightly underpowered compared to the latest flagship smartphone offerings.

On the front side of the handset we find a 2.1 megapixel lens, which is pretty much business as usual, and is a welcome addition to what is seeming like a fairly attractive handset.

BlackBerry’s traditional QWERTY keyboard is getting a bit of a makeover with the Passport as well; offering up tough sensitivity features and gesture compatibility, making for an interesting handset on the front of it which could surprise some people.

The company revealed the handset during an event in London this week, with prices and variants yet to be announced.

BlackBerry also used the event to announce that its Z3 handset will be launched in India later on in the summer, which could prove a huge hit if priced competitively.

The BlackBerry Z3 was also announced for Indian consumers

The Passport however is being aimed here in the West, with the US and other high-end markets getting the phone later on this year, possibly during September.

This month will obviously get some alarm bells ringing for Apple fans, with the iPhone 6 expected to make an array of releases during this month, with the possibility of two iPhones, the iWatch, iOS 8 and even a new batch of iPads hitting stores.

Of course, these release dates are heavily based on rumours, meaning this should be taken with a decent pinch of salt for now, but if these release dates are confirmed it could prove a tricky comeback for BlackBerry as Apple is sure to dominate the limelight.

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Written by Luke Hatfield