BlackBerry Android Phone due in August

BlackBerry Prague

It’s not been the busiest of years for BlackBerry so far, with only a few smartphones coming off its conveyor belt over the past 12 months. However, the phones we have seen have all been pretty standard if we’re being honest – offering up the same old operating system.

This looks like it may be set to change this summer, with BlackBerry rumoured to be working on a release of an Android powered smartphone. This would obviously be the first to feature the software from the Canadian company, which has previously favoured its own kit – even if many consumers didn’t.

Fancy a trip to Prague?

Could BlackBerry really release an Android Phone?

The first Android BlackBerry phone is currently being codenamed the Prague, after the European city; however citizens might not be best pleased with the specs which are being linked to the phone.

Rumour has it that we won’t be getting a flagship; in fact we’ll be awarded with quite the opposite from the BlackBerry Prague – with more of an affordable vibe being introduced.

Some reports even state that it will be targeting only emerging markets, meaning that a UK launch would almost definitely be off the cards.

The design of the phone isn’t sounding like anything too special either, with it taking much of its likeness from 2014’s BlackBerry Z3 smartphone.

There’s still no word on which version of Android we’ll be getting either – with KitKat the most probable considering the specs which are due to be included with the handset, although Lollipop could be considered as well.

Anything more powerful?

Is it time to take BlackBerry seriously once again?

There are also murmurs of another BlackBerry phone making an appearance, also rocking the Android OS which might pack more of a punch.

Similarly named after yet another European city, this time Venice, it’s expected to feature some beefier specs including a curved 5.4” QHD display and a hexa-core processor.

Although the Venice isn’t drawing as much attention as the Prague right now, it’s much more likely to make an appearance in western markets – which is obviously great news for UK customers.

Both phones are still yet to be announced by BlackBerry, so there’s still a chance that none of these phones will actually turn out to be released. However, it’s unlikely that there won’t be some kind of solid information behind these rumours.

Three other BlackBerry devices have also been leaked in recent times, so could this mean that a revival is on for the business phone manufacturer?

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Written by Luke Hatfield