BlackBerry 10.3 Screenshots Reveal Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant

It looks as though BlackBerry is jumping on the voice assistant bandwagon with its 10.3 update this spring, after screenshots revealed the Siri-esque feature.

BlackBerry hasn’t had a good time of late, seeing problems dog its success throughout the past two years.

But the company is hoping that this latest update, which still doesn’t have a confirmed release date, will tempt some users back to the its handsets.

BlackBerry Voice Assistant

Although the screenshot of the feature has been leaked, along with a series of other changes to the software, we still don’t know all that much about the update.

This means that we could still see plenty of additions to the update, or maybe even see some features cut out altogether, depending on how the public takes to certain features.

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Other features include software that ‘knows’ when the phone is being looked at, improved camera features and a brand new colour scheme.

The update is expected later on this spring, but could also be pushed back through to the summer seeing how unreliable BlackBerry has been in recent years.

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