BBC Twitter account hacked

BBC Weather Twitter Account Hacked

Following Twitter’s birthday celebrations yesterday, today we are greeted with warnings about Twitter’s security after the BBC Weather account was hacked.

Discrepancies within the BBC’s Weather Twitter account were noticed on Thursday afternoon, when Tweets embedded with pro-President Bashar-al-Assad references appeared. The messages were reportedly written by the Syrian Electronic Army, and included sarcastic comments about the weather in middle-Eastern countries.

The BBC is just one of the many high profile Twitter accounts which have been hacked over recent months, with Burger King and Chrysler falling victim to the security breach.

Some critics are urging Twitter to step-up its security with suggestions of giving users a one-use disposable password to log in to their account. Although the BBC Weather’s account was not hacked to spread any malicious viruses or scams, the mere fact that hackers could gain access to such a high-profile account in the aim of spreading political messages is incredibly worrying.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel