Barclays Finally Playing Nice with Apple Pay


Following months of complaints from customers, it seems that Barclays has finally given in to the iPhone hype, now allowing cards to be linked with the mobile payment system, Apple Pay.

Having been in the UK for a good while now, Apple Pay has revolutionised the way iPhone users can pay for goods on the high street and online. Offering users a way of linking bank cards to their phones, meaning that they can pay for things via the NFC chip in their device.

However, until this week Barclays wasn’t joining in on the fun, despite much criticism from its customers – with some going as far to switch their accounts.

Time to join the Apple Pay party

Following all of the customer complaints, Barclays quietly allowed Apple Pay to work with its debit and credit cards this week, joining the likes of HSBC, Natwest and Lloyds – all of which have worked with Apple Pay for months.

Apple has been quick to jump on board the new move as well, with all of its Apple Pay marketing info now including Barclays alongside other British banks that work with the system.

Barclays has always been thought to avoid Apple Pay because of its plans to launch its own mobile payment service, but it seems the complaints may have persuaded the bank to run with the iPhone based system. However, Barclays has stated that it won’t be working alongside Android Pay when it eventually hits the UK, the nearest Android would be the LG G5 but that seems too early, a move which could once again cause controversy.

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Apple Pay can be used across the UK and in many other countries...

How to use Apple Pay

Apple Pay works very simply, using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner as a security check to ensure only you can make payments through the feature, once you’ve registered your bank card.

You just hold your compatible iPhone or Apple Watch over the in-store contactless card machine and let Touch ID do its thing. Equally, if paying through an app, you select pay by Apple Pay and let the system guide you through payment.

Whilst the system is built into a strong infrastructure in the US, it’s still in something of a development process here in the UK, with only a selection of stores offering the service. However, some big name companies are included on that list, with McDonalds, Nando’s and Boots some of the most well-known.

Apple is always working to add more and more businesses to this list however, so don’t expect it to stay small for much longer. For more information about Apple Pay, head to the Apple website.

So, what do you make of Apple Pay’s latest move? Are you happy to see Barclays finally working with the service? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield