Are you feeling sad? There’s an app for that…


You might have thought you’d heard it all, but now researchers at Cambridge University have developed an app which can track your mood, turning your smartphone into your very own personal shrink.

The app, called EmotionSense, uses information such as your location, who you are talking to and how noisy your surrounding area is, as well as how you are feeling, in order to track your on-going health and well-being.

The app takes you through what it calls “a journey of discovery”, which gives the researchers behind the app an indication of how our moods change during the course of a day according to our interactions with other people via our smartphone activity.

The app works by unlocking sensors- there are eight sensors to unlock in total- which measure how you interact with your mobile phone, including how dependent you are on receiving calls or texts, how often you use the device to communicate with others and how your location affects your mood.

Rather than requiring you to actively open up the app, EmotionSense sends its user a notification at various points during the day to enquire about your mood; the user can then place their current emotional state on a grid with two axes, one measuring negative, and the other measuring positive feelings.

Not only will the app be useful for academics researching the changing state of our emotions, but it can also be used by individuals as a means of analysing our own mood swings; identifying when we are happiest, or most stressed, for example, can help improve our overall well-being.

Why not download EmotionSense and let us know how you get on? Will the constant emotion requests become annoying? Let us know: to post a comment or speak to us via Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel