Archos to make Windows Phone

Archos Windows Phone

French smartphone manufacturer Archos is set to make a Windows powered phone in the future, according to its CEO.

Loic Poirier, who is CEO of Archos has said that it is thinking about building a phone that runs on the much improved Windows system.

Nokia currently dominate the Windows Phone market, with over 90% of phones operating the system being Nokia handsets.

But Microsoft was rumoured to be asking other manufacturers to try out the software and even offering huge payouts to commit to using the system.

Even Sony is apparently discussing getting involved in the Windows Phone hype in the coming year.

Other less well-known names are also apparently considering taking up the system, with Alcatel and ZTE also in the frame.

This comes after several years which have seen a heavy Android input into the market, with more and more handsets working with the Google operating system, making it hard for separate devices to stand out.

Whilst Archos is keeping quiet about a timeframe for its first Windows Phone, Poirier has told the press that it will happen ‘when the time is right’.

This doesn’t mean that Archos will stop producing Android smartphones however; in fact the company has also stated that it remains committed to Google and will continue to work with the system.

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Written by Luke Hatfield