Apple’s WWDC 2015 Event Scheduled

WWDC 2015

Apple’s next big event has been scheduled – and is set to wow crowds in the second week of June with the next version of iOS.

However, rumours suggest that we could also be getting a bit of a surprise from Apple – with a Beats based music streaming service also being mooted.

Say Hello to iOS 9

Will iOS 9 be on show at WWDC 2015?

As is the case with Apple’s WWDC annual event, we should get some kind of glimpse at the next version of iOS – in this case iOS 9.

Whilst this won’t be a fully commercial-ready version of the system, Apple typically sends out a developer version following the conference, so that apps can be built for it ahead of its full release.

This means that we should have a nailed down design for it, along with all of the key features intact – as long as they aren’t hardware based of course.

Apple is normally pretty good at keeping things quiet before the event, so we shouldn’t expect too many leaks to make their way online just yet.

The consumer version of iOS 9 should be ready for consumer downloads upon the release of the next iPhone – which is set to be the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus if Apple sticks to its current smartphone cycle.

Of course, the conference is also set to bring a lot of talk about the next iPhone, but the chance of any hardware being shown off at the event is extremely unlikely.

Beats Music Streaming

Could we see the first version of Beats streaming on iPhone?

One new feature which most people are expecting from Apple at WWDC 2015 is the first version of the Beats music streaming service – which has been on the cards since Apple first acquired the popular brand.

Apple has been selling Beats by Dre headphones on its standalone site since the purchase of the company – but now we could see the real reason why Apple spent so much cash on the deal.

Competing with the likes of Spotify and the recently released Tidal service – Beats music streaming should finally give Apple a foot to stand on in the music market – after iTunes Radio proved somewhat of a non-event outside of the US.

Details about the ins and outs of the service will likely be revealed at the event – with a subscription service possibly running alongside a free version which will probably be staggered by advertisements.

WWDC 2015 Details

Apple’s WWDC event is scheduled to run from June 8th-12th and will be hosted in San Francisco – the home of Apple.

Guests are accepted by invitation only, so if you don’t get a friendly email from the guys and girls at Apple you might have to do without making the trip.

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Written by Luke Hatfield