AppleWatch set for March Launch


One of the most highly anticipated devices of 2015, the Apple Watch is seemingly set to get released this March after what feels like an eternity of waiting.

Originally announced back in 2014, the smartwatch will be Apple’s first entry onto the wearable market, and will no doubt be highly coveted by iPhone fans across the globe.

Fans now have a reason to rejoice, and possibly a date to mark down in their diaries, after a report was leaked online stating that the Apple Watch will be released in March.

This was apparently triggered by Apple beginning its retail training for the device starting next month, most likely meaning that the main bulk of the work is done on the device.

When will we see the Apple Watch?

Rumour has it that the software side of things have been polished up, with only some minor work being made to improve battery life and charging capabilities.

The design of the device has been ready for quite a while now, with Apple’s previous press conference surrounding the wearable showing off the look and feel of the piece of kit quite openly.

The company revealed during the event that there would be three different styles of Apple Watch for us to play with, one focused on sport, one being a more higher-end model and one sitting in between the two.

Each boasts different construction styles, whilst all three can use any number of straps as they are offered as detachable accessories.

Apple Watch Launch Event?

Whilst March will certainly get some alarm bells ringing about MWC, it’s extremely unlikely that the event will play host to the device considering Apple’s track record when it comes to product launches.

It’s more likely that the US based company will wait until later on in March, when it will hold its very own event to officially release the new wearable kit.

There’s no solid date on the actual event yet, but Apple will likely spill the beans at some point when it does start sending out invites to technology and fashion based organisations to come and witness the launch.

Will the AppleWatch cost you an arm and a leg?

Pricing Details

As with all Apple devices, don’t expect to be cheaping out if you plan on investing in the AppleWatch, as it will likely be the most expensive wearable of its fashion.

Rumours have been swirling that the sports version of the wearable will come in the cheapest, with estimates of around £300 being touted for that version, whilst the more luxurious edition will be priced upward of £1000, thanks in part to its gold construction.

These prices are of course sourced from rumour, so don’t go writing a budget just yet, but similarly, don’t rock up to your nearest Apple Store in March with the expectation of grabbing the wearable for less than this sort of cash either.

Of course, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any news surrounding the launch of the Apple Watch, so until it does hit stores, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield