Apple Watch Series 2 UK release

Apple Watch Series 2

On September 16th the Apple Watch Series 2 becomes available and will be closely followed by the exclusive Nike+, Hermès and Apple Watch Editions. September 16th is Apple’s most important calendar date, as the new Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus become available.

The new Apple Watch Series 2 features a new display, that is twice as bright, to tackle sun glare. A fast dual-core processor with a new and more powerful GPU gives faster app performance and smoother animations.

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The Apple Watch Series 2 is compatible with Apple AirPods, which are coming in late October, providing wireless music with all-day battery life.

In this news story we take a look at Apple’s:

  • Apple Watch Nike+
  • Apple Watch Hermès
  • Apple Watch Edition
  • WatchOS 3 and All-Day Assistant
  • Workout app
  • Activity app
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Health app
  • Water resistance
  • Third-party health apps

We also confirm the launch dates for the Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Hermes and Apple Watch Edition.

Apple Watch Nike+ 

Apple Watch Nike

The Apple Watch Nike+ will be available in the UK from late October and features a light, flexible and breathable Nike Sport Band. This is made from flouroelastomer and has compression-molded perforations for better ventilation.

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Exclusive Nike watch faces have Nike’s iconic Volt colour used in both the digital and analog styles. Owners can connect with running buddies, through the Nike+ Run Club, and can create running schedules with the Run scheduler.

Apple Watch Hermès 

Apple Watch Hermes

The Apple Watch Hermès will be launched on September 23rd in the UK and has been designed with beauty in mind. Finely handcrafted leather bands from Hermès are paired up with Apple-designed watch faces, inspired by the iconic Cape Cod, Clipper and Espace Hermès watches.

Four variations of the Apple Watch Hermès have been created:

Double Buckle Cuff - This design is available in Etoupe Swift Leather and is paired with a 38mm stainless steel case.

Double Buckle Cuff

Single Tour Deployment Buckle - This design opens quickly by clicking two side buttons and is made using Fauve Barenia Leather and a 42mm stainless steel case. 

Single Tour Deployment Buckle

Double Tour - Here the extra long Etoupe Swift Leather or Fauve Barenia Leather band wraps around the wrist twice and is paired up with a 38mm stainless steel case.

Double Tour

Single Tour - Here a single strap is made from Rose Jaipur Epsom Leather, Fauve Barenia Leather or Feu Epsom Leather. 

Single Tour

All models of the Apple Watch Hermès are supplied with an exclusive Hermès Sport Band, which is flexible, light and water resistant, and coloured in Hermès’ signature orange.

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition

The Apple Watch Edition will become available in the UK from September 16th and has the same features as the Apple Watch Series 2. The Apple Watch Edition has an exclusive white ceramic design, that is both strong and beautiful.

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High-strength zirconia powder has been combined with alumina and these are compression molded and polished using a diamond slurry. This creates a scratch resistant material that is four times as hard as stainless steel, yet has a stunning pearl-like finish.

WatchOS 3 and All-Day Assistant

WatchOS 3

The new WatchOS 3 keeps apps in the loop, so that they can open immediately and with up to date information. Wearers get a gentle tap when a message or call is incoming. With messages a raise of the wrist is all that is needed to read the text.

Apple Watch Series 2 wearers can see who is calling and use the watch to answer the call or dismiss the call by covering the watch with their hand. For emails, the wearer can see the sender and subject, with a tap allowing the wearer to read the email in full.

Further features of WatchOS 3 includes on-foot navigation with Maps, where a tap indicates the next left or right turn. WatchOS 3 can make secure payments with Apple Pay and change the watch face with a swipe from edge to edge.

Siri can be used to get things done, such as set reminders and give reminders of to-dos. Siri can also play music and be activated with a raise of the wrist and a Hey Siri voice command.

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Workout app

Workout app

The Apple Watch Series 2 has built-in GPS, so that the owner can leave their iPhone behind, when they go for a run or a bike ride. The Workout app accurately measures speed, distance and walking pace.

The GPS signal is picked up straight away, to avoid any workout delay, and the route map can be viewed on an iPhone, to see where the wearer ran the fastest. 

The comprehensive Workout app allows the wearer to choose from 12 types of workout. including running, biking, stair stepper and elliptical. Swim workouts in open water can be tracked as well, along with tracking swimming pool lengths or a splash around with the kids.

Activity app

Activity app

The Activity app on the Apple Watch Series 2 counts both daily activity and workouts to help the wearer close the Stand, Move and Exercise rings. Third-party workout apps can now also be used and exercise still counts towards closing the Activity rings.

Smart notifications give wearers regular progress updates and these can be shared and compared to the activity rings of family and friends, to help the wearer stay motivated or for direct competition.

The Activity app issues achievement badges when milestones are reached and these can be shared with friends and family. Activity metrics have also become available for wheelchair users and these metrics consider two types of pushing techniques and the terrain.

Heart Rate Sensor

Heart Rate Sensor

The Heart Rate Sensor in an integral part of the Apple Watch Series 2 and this sensor continuously measures the wearer’s heart rate, when using the Workout app.

The heart rate can be seen together with other metrics or highlighted for viewing at a glance. Alternatively, the wearer can check their heart rate at any time, by opening the Heart Rate app. 

Here the heart rate is tracked throughout the day, so that patterns can be tracked over time, in the Health app. Heart rate readings are also used in conjunction with other data, to estimate calories burnt.

The heart rate sensor works by utilising photoplethysmography technology. This works because blood absorbs green light. The Apple Watch Series 2 creates the green light with two LED lights, which flash hundreds of times per second.

When the heart beats, more blood passes through the wearer’s wrist. Two light-sensitive photodiodes record how much green light is absorbed and these variations indicate the wearer’s heart rate.

Health app

Health app

Apple’s Health app consolidates health data from the owner’s iPhone, Apple Watch and third-party apps. The Health app aggregates this data for viewing in one convenient place.

For simplicity, health data is placed into four categories, which are Nutrition, Activity, Sleep and Mindfulness. The Health app will also make app suggestions for each category, so that a more complete overview becomes available.

At a glance, the Today view shows stats on calories, carbohydrates, protein, fats and caffeine. The Health app also keep tabs on blood pressure, body measurements, weight and reproductive health.

The Bedtime Tab, in conjunction with the Clock app, helps owners to establish a target bedtime and wake time, and visualises sleep patterns. Mindfulness stats includes the use of the Breathe app, which has been created to allow owners to de-stress with animations and gentle taps that guide them through a relaxation process.

Apple Watch Series 2 owners can also set up a Medical ID emergency card. This can be used by first responders, who can access critical medical information from the Lock screen, without the need to enter the owner’s passcode.

Water resistance

Water resistant Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant to 50 metres and is suitable for swimming in both swimming pools and the ocean. The speaker cannot be sealed in, as it uses air to produce sound, so Apple has intuitively used a speaker then lets water in and later uses sound vibrations to force the water back out.

Third-party health apps


Third-party health apps are available to broaden the appeal of the Apple Watch Series 2 and along with Lifesum and HeartWatch, these include:

  • Dexcom G5 - This third-party app uses a continuous Glucose Monitoring System to help manage diabetes
  • Pocket Yoga - This app puts yoga in your pocket, just add a yoga mat
  • WaterMinder - This app lets Apple Watch owners set hydration goals and get reminders when it is time to drink another glass of water
  • Lark - This app is a weight loss coach that keeps an eye on your exercise, diet and sleep
  • WebMD - Look up medication instructions with this app and get alerts for when it is time for the next dose
  • Streaks - Create health and fitness related to-do lists with this app
  • iCalorie - Keep on top of nutrition with this app to help reach your weight loss goals

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Written by: Michael Brown