Apple Watch Release Date Announced

Apple Watch

Apple has officially revealed a release date for its long awaited wearable effort this week – as well as showing us its pricing structure for the product line.

As you’d expect, investing in an Apple Watch isn’t a great idea if you’re running on a budget – however if you’re desperate to grab one, there are some less wallet denting options available.

It wasn’t all wearable news at the Apple event however, with news on the latest iOS update, a new MacBook and Apple TV 2 also brought up.

Apple Watch Pricing

Which version of the Apple Watch will you be buying?

Apple’s first wearable starts as low as £299 for the 38mm version of the Apple Watch Sport – coming with a rubberised strap and an alloy construction. The 42mm version of the watch is slightly more expensive, around £50 more – as is the case with basically all of the upsized versions of the kit.

The middle version of the wearable is a bit more expensive, but does come with a glossy and reflective metal construction, with the smaller model starting £479 with a rubber strap. If you fancy heading up the price scale however, you can pay up to £949 for a 42mm version with a metal link strap.

The final version of the Apple Watch is the Edition style, which is looking like a much more limited version of the hardware. Prices start at a whopping £8,000, but can grow all the way up to £13,500 depending on the version you opt for.

Apple won’t be stocking the final version of the wearable in every Apple Store across the UK, instead featuring it in larger stores which cater more commonly for higher-end shoppers – so expect to see it occasionally rather than regularly when you make a visit to the Genius Bar.

As expected, all three wearable builds are much more expensive that the current wearable average but are still likely to drive sales for iPhone owners.

Apple Watch Release Date

Fancy paying £13,500 for a wearable?

Apple has confirmed that all versions of the Apple Watch will be available to pre-order from April 10th – which seems like it could be a bit of a shot at Samsung, considering it plans on shipping the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge on the same day.

Shipping for the Apple Watch will commence on April 24th – meaning that it should be a busy day for a lot of postal services across the globe if the Apple Watch is as popular as people are predicting.

It’s worth noting that it won’t be a global introduction of the Apple Watch on this date however – with the following countries being able to make orders: USA, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, France, China, Canada and Australia.

Other markets will be forced to wait for the Apple Wearable, with the company yet to reveal a launch date elsewhere.

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Written by Luke Hatfield