Apple Watch Finally Goes on Sale

Apple Watch on sale

Apple’s first ever smartwatch has gone on sale today, however if you haven’t pre-ordered it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be wearing it come the end of the day.

However, this hasn’t stopped fans getting hyped for the official launch of the Apple Watch, even if reviews are mixed about the debutant wearable from the company.

An Exclusive Apple Watch Crowd

Thinking of picking up an Apple Watch now? Think again...

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch began earlier on this month, and whilst it didn’t generate the drama we saw when the iPhone 6 was revealed – it still proved successful for Apple.

Early birds who did manage to pre-order whilst the wearable was still in stock should be getting their hands on the wearable today. However the waiting list is proving sizeable for those who didn’t get their feet through the door in time.

Most pre-orders have a shipment date listed for June, meaning that a prospective wait of around a month should be expected. Apple has commented on this by stating that most customers will receive their shipments before then – with emails being sent to customers updating shipping times.

Either way, it’s likely that Apple will be manufacturing plenty of watches to meet demand over the coming months.

Not on the High Street

Whilst Apple is showcasing its first wearable in stores across the UK, you won’t actually be able to buy one there and then, with cashiers recommending that you purchase the watch itself online.

This means that the stores themselves won’t be subject to the humungous queues that have become common during the days after launches of hardware – even though they may still be busy with Apple fans.

In fact, there are only a few select locations on the planet where you’ll be able to walk into a store and actually come out with an Apple Watch on your wrist. Only six fashion boutiques are offering this service, one of which is based in London – all with extremely limited stock.

Only six stores are offering you the chance to buy the Apple Watch on release...

Mayfair based store Dover Street Market is the UK location you’ll be able to purchase the wearable, but requires potential buyers to ring and book an appointment instead of queuing outside.

Other locations are running a similar system all of which are based in other countries. Tokyo, LA, Berlin, Milan and Paris are all offering Apple Watch locations with similar stocks – which are rumoured to be below 500 units per model.

Several reports already state that the more expensive Apple Watch Edition (which costs upward of £8000) is sold out of the London branch already.

Apple Watch Reviews

Whilst Apple always generates plenty of support from faithful fans with all of its devices – this latest launch has received mixed reviews.

Whilst its style and construction has been commended, some tech reviews are stating that its short battery life and somewhat slow loading times hamper its performance significantly.

Either way, this won’t stop the first Apple smartwatch from being the most sought after piece of technology over the next month or so, with a forecast of over 40 million units being sold expected.

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Written by Luke Hatfield