Apple Watch Details Emerge

Apple Watch Details Emerge

After its announcement earlier this month, several details about the Apple Watch have finally emerged, consisting of pricing and spec information.

Apple is notoriously cagey about the details it gives out in regards to its hardware, often leaving us waiting until we actually get our hands on the devices in question to find out exact specs.

This is no different with the company’s first smartwatch, which since its unveiling has been hidden away in Apple’s development areas ahead of a Q1 2015 release.

How successful will the Apple Watch be?

The information we did get from Apple was fairly cryptic in terms of specs for the wearable kit, only letting us know that it planned on giving us three different versions with interchangeable straps.

Other than that, we were given a quick rundown of features and design for the hardware, but with very little information of what happens behind the scenes, and how much we’re expected to pay for it.

Thankfully it looks like we’ve been given a sneak peek of those details thanks to an Apple insider and a production company; unfortunately we can’t verify these details though, so they can’t be deemed official just yet.

Apple Watch Specs

In terms of specs, rumour has it that 512MB RAM will be making the cut in all three versions of the watch, giving it fairly substantial multitasking capabilities.

4GB storage will also apparently feature in the watches, meaning music will have to be stored sparingly alongside your apps and operating system.

Also, the Apple Watch will be one of the first wearables to boast its own system on a chip, with the Apple S1 chipset finding a home in the wearable, giving it unprecedented speed compared to other smartwatches.

Rumours also suggest that Apple could be developing 8GB variants of the watch, obviously for a more costly price, however chances of this appear to be slim.

How much will we be paying for the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Price

Pricing details have got a notorious ‘Apple-feel’ about them, leaving bank accounts shaking at the sight of the Apple Watch.

The cheapest option will presumably be the Watch Sport variant, which is expected to retail at around £220, which is actually pretty reasonable by Apple’s standards.

However, the prices then seem to jump up according to the rumours circling the web, with the standard watch pricing up at £600, more than most smartphones.

If that didn’t make you flinch then the rumoured price of the Watch Edition model is expected to be a whopping £3,000, mainly thanks to its 18 karat gold build.

Of course, £3,000 for a watch isn’t exactly an unheard of cost, especially compared to designer watches like Rolex or TAG Heuer, but it definitely is a fresh step for a smartwatch.

As we mentioned before, these prices aren’t official and Apple won’t be commenting on them anytime soon, not least until we have an official release date, so don’t get a loan out just yet!

We’ll be sure to give you more information about the Apple Watch when we get it, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information in the near future.

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Written by Luke Hatfield