AppleWatch Battery Life Questioned


It looks like Apple’s first piece of wearable tech might be facing an uphill battle, after some serious questions about its battery life were raised online this week.

9to5Mac, one of the leading Apple news websites claim that the AppleWatch’s battery life might not last a full day, causing quite a stir in plenty of online forums.

The first iOS based wearable has been in the works for quite a while now, and was revealed by the company during a press event last year.

The demo of the watch seemed to be rather impressive, detailing features like the digital crown, which gave users an intuitive way of navigating the system as well as giving us a glimpse of the small screened operating system.

AppleWatch Battery Life Specs

What do you make of the AppleWatch rumours?

According to the source, Apple is aiming for a standard battery life of around 19 hours for the AppleWatch under regular use.

Things get even less optimistic when under more sustained use, with a battery life of just 4 hours when running an app continuously.

Standby levels do prove a bit more worthwhile, with 3 days being the target, with the possibility of an extra day if you use Apple’s sleep mode to save some juice as well.

What sounds the most shocking however is the timepiece mode, which displays the time and date, that will last just 3 hours if continually used, although this is unlikely as it only activates when you raise your wrist to look at it.

The Problem with the AppleWatch

The main cause of Apple’s battery problems is also one of the wearable’s major strengths, and that’s the inclusion of its S1 chipset.

The S1 is as powerful as Apple’s A5 chip which can be found in the iPod Touch, so as you’d expect uses up quite a bit of battery life when it’s in use, thus causing the problem.

However, Apple won’t be replacing the component, and is working on a way of improving the battery without increasing its physical size, mainly through software improvements.

Testing is already underway for the AppleWatch, including with the Qi charging, which will obviously be important when it comes to battery life.

Is Apple's S1 chip causing more harm than good?

Approximately 3,000 units are in circulation for testing and development purposes amongst tech based partners of Apple, so we imagine that any glaring issues will be combatted as they arise.

For now, Apple’s March launch date for the wearable seems to be intact, with no news about delays having made any headlines yet.

However, if problems do pop up, don’t be too surprised if Apple decides to delay things for a little while longer as it won’t want to deal with angry customers for a piece of pilot hardware.

Of course, as more news about the AppleWatch emerges, we’ll be sure to keep you right up to date, so make sure you keep your eyes and ears open.

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Written by Luke Hatfield