Apple Working on Second Wearable

Apple Watch

Rumours about a second Apple Watch being in the works were practically confirmed earlier on this week, after one of the first watch’s original suppliers spoke out regarding a follow-up wearable.

Taiwan based tech company Quanta Computer were heavily involved in the production of the original Apple Watch, which has seen varied levels of success following its launch. The Chairman of the company, Barry Lam, is the man who’s reportedly spilt the beans about the likelihood of the successor – mentioning it during an investor meeting.

A New Apple Wearable

Apple’s previous wearable was highly anticipated, with the wrist based device joining the fray amongst a huge trend of smartwatches, and it proved to be a worthwhile addition to the market.

Its flawless design and forward thinking functionality proved more than enough to tempt plenty of Apple fans to invest in it, even though its price tag was notably high. In fact, whilst the cheapest version of the watch was fairly affordable, the most expensive wearable priced up above the £10,000 mark – making it a very exclusive device.

However, the inclusion of Force Touch and a completely new brand of the Apple operating system still made the watch one of the devices of the year, and it has clearly earned itself a successor now.

When will we see another Apple Watch?

Apple Watch 2

Following the success of the first Apple Watch, it’s likely that we’ll see a plethora of new specs make the cut in the second version of the wearable in an effort to differentiate it from its predecessor.

Firstly, the Apple S1 chip which originally made the cut will likely take a back seat as Apple’s next chip is introduced – something we expect to see named the S2. It will bring a faster performance as well as a more energy efficient vibe that should improve battery life.

The size of the battery itself is another spec that’s likely to see an upgrade, with the 250mAh effort that lasts a day expected to jump up to make it at least a two day battery.

The screen resolution is also on the drawing board, with the Cupertino company likely to improve this going into another wearable, whilst RAM could jump up to 1GB. Also, internal memory could see an improvement, although we’re unsure of whether this would be worthwhile.

Possible Release Date

The Apple Watch 2 won’t be beating the Christmas rush, that’s for sure. However, rumour has it that the wearable could well be with us before the summer of 2016, possibly around April, which would fit exactly 12 months after the first launch of the wearable.

If you ask us, that seems like quite the coincidence!

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Written by Luke Hatfield