Apple Update Flops, Gets Pulled Down

Apple Update Flops, Gets Pulled Down

Apple has been forced to pull down its latest software update, after iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users complained of major flaws when trying to use their handsets with the download.

iOS 8.0.1 was designed to deal with issues facing iPad and iPhone users with older devices who were struggling with battery life and speed issues since the iOS 8 rollout last week.

However, whilst older devices did seem to have some problems resolved, the update also caused catastrophic issues for users of the latest iPhone models.

iOS 8.0.1 was supposed to remedy problems, but has only created more.

iOS 8.0.1 Problems

At first users complained of their TouchID fingerprint scanners failing to work, and then once they’d accessed their device that the wireless connections were failing.

This left iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users without the ability to send texts or make calls, forcing Apple to pull the plug on the update just hours after posting it online.

iOS 8.0.1 was also supposed to tackle issues facing newer models by giving them access to HealthKit apps, which are currently inaccessible due to privacy issues, along with other niggles, but it appears they may have to wait.

Apple is currently working on fixing the problems with the update, and will likely let us know when it has it fixed by releasing it for download once more.

Users are normally recommended to wait a while before installing any Apple update, as problems are always likely to show up, so it’s expected that the re-released update might see a slow pick up by iPhone 6 users.

This isn’t the only issue that Apple has had to deal with since the release of the iPhone 6, with 6 Plus users claiming that their devices were bending in their pockets.

iPhone's aren't supposed to bend, but some pockets seem too tight for them not to.

Bending Your iPhone 6 Plus

The larger iPhone 6 sizes up at 5.5”, making it a large handset for even the baggiest pockets, but it appears that users with tight trousers have seen their phablets bend just below the volume switches.

Unlike models like the LG G Flex, the iPhone 6 isn’t designed to bend, and although the slight bends don’t seem to show any issues with the way the handsets work, it is still a major issue.

iPhone 6 Plus users are recommended to have a case on their device, preferably with rigid edges to ensure that the phone doesn’t bend, or possibly try wearing looser clothing.

A video was released of one tech savvy YouTuber actually bending their iPhone 6 Plus, and under a seemingly high amount of pressure, the handset does bend in the problem area.

It’s unlikely that Apple will be recalling the devices anytime soon, but it may look at its production line to see if there’s a way to remedy the issue on new handsets, possibly by a change of material or by shoring up the area in question.

Smaller iPhone 6 models have reported less tendency to bending, likely down to the fact that the smaller model is under much less pressure in standard pockets.

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Written by Luke Hatfield