Apple testing new iOS 7 software

Apple testing new iOS 7 software

Reports have popped up globally regarding the possibility that Apple is testing the new software for the next iPhone to be released sometime this year.

The progress has been noticed by app developers who have identified a device named iPhone 6,1  using a certain iOS 7. It has been suggested that Apple is testing the operating system on some of the most popular apps in order to guarantee its compatibility.

This news has sparked off rumours surrounding the new iPhone 6’s release. Some observers are speculating that with the new OS being under testing, the new model could be launched sooner than expected. However, considering Apple typically reveals its new iOS in June before officially releasing it a matter of months later, it seems unlikely that we will be seeing the iPhone 6 any time before autumn this year.

With the amount of issues that users have experienced after the release of the iPhone 5 in September last year, it is only understandable that the American super-giant is taking its time in developing its next big thing.

Like most Apple-related news, only time will tell before we have any hard evidence to go on; for now, we can only speculate what the iPhone 6 has in store for us. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel