Apple Reveals CarPlay Feature

Apple Car

Apple has announced a brand new in-car mobile feature, called CarPlay, which links your iPhone with your car.

The system, which has been on the cards for a while now, allows you to make and receive calls through voice commands, listen to music and use your phone as a satellite navigation system, using a screen built into the cars dashboard.

All of the features will be voice activated by the user, meaning that drivers won’t have to fiddle with their phones whilst on the road.

CarPlay will be officially revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show, which will have Ferraris, Volvos and Mercedes all capable of showing off the brand new mobile feature.

But if you don’t fancy investing in one of these brands of car you needn’t worry, as Apple has secured deals with over a dozen other car manufacturers, including the likes of Ford and BMW.

All of these cars will be made available later on this year or at the start of 2015, with prices and other details being kept rather quiet at the moment.

iPhones with a Lightning connection cable and iOS 7 will be capable of running this latest system, meaning any phones past the iPhone 5 will be able to work in tandem with your car.

One bit of bad news coming out of the new feature is that it won’t support third-party apps, meaning apps like Spotify and radio apps won’t be able to work through the car.

Android has also been reportedly working on its own in-car feature, which will probably work in a similar way to the Apple system, but reports on this haven't been confirmed yet.

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Written by Luke Hatfield