iPhone Reset Problem set for Fix

iPhone 5s Freeze

iPhone 5s users are being given a reprieve from the well-known ‘white screen of death’ glitch that came along with iOS 7, with a new update on the cards to fix it.

The glitch happens when users are on the home screen, completely resetting the device without warning, driving iPhone users insane.

Whilst it has mainly been reported on the iPhone 5s, other handsets seem to have avoided the issue, but either way the update, due in the coming weeks and months will fix the issue.

The glitch is also known as the ‘black screen of death’ as the colour depends on the iPhone’s colour, but the fix will cover all issues like this.

iOS 7.1 is currently in its fourth round of testing with developers and is set to hit iPhones in March, with several fixes and updates being included.

There is also discussions mentioning Apple’s much anticipated in-car feature, which could also be included in the update, however, reports are still considered rumour until Apple announce the update specs.

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Written by Luke Hatfield