Apple Pay coming to the UK

Apple Pay UK

It’s nearly been a full year since Apple introduced its mobile payment service to the world with the iPhone 6, but for some reason it’s stayed in a gated community across the pond – until now.

Apple officially unveiled its mobile payment system in the UK this summer, during an announcement at WWDC.

Pay with your Smartphone!

For those not entirely aware of Apple Pay, it works using the NFC chip which is built in to your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

It also works in tandem with your Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and allows you to link debit and credit cards to your phone for quick contactless payments.

This service has only been allowed in the US so far, with around 24% of major retailers supporting the technology.

The feature is kept secure by Apple, as none of your card data is kept in servers, tucked behind a secure section of your mobile phone – guaranteeing protection from prying eyes.

Is Apple Pay coming to the UK?

When can I use Apple Pay?

WWDC showed off the system’s availability in the UK this week, bringing it to the UK high street in July this year.

Even if things don't go to plan, it is almost certain to be hitting our iPhones before the end of the summer, meaning a September launch is likely to be the latest date we’ll see it.

several hundred thousand payment terminals will be available for our iPhones when the service arrives, so we shouldn’t be struggling to make use of it when it does arrive.

This number should be set to increase after launch, although uptake could take a while depending on how businesses feel about implementing it.

Bigger businesses are more likely to feature the technology earlier on, whilst Apple does state that it isn’t hard to sign up for the service if you do run a smaller company.

Of course, the service is also offering compatibility with many of the UK’s banks – with the likes of RBS and HSBC being the biggest inclusions already.

The service is also heavily integrated with credit cards as well, so if you’d rather avoid destroying your bank account balance with your smartphone, you could always opt for this method instead.

What features do you get with Apple Pay?

Anything else from Apple?

WWDC is a big deal for the guys and girls at Apple, so you can expect a little bit more than just a UK version of the mobile payment system from the show.

The biggest announcement is likely to be iOS 9, which normally offers up a developer preview version after the show.

Normal smartphone users are probably better off not downloading this as it typically offers its fair share of bugs, however if you’re eager to have a look you could try and get your hands on it.

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Written by Luke Hatfield