Apple Pay Available to Two More UK Banks

Apple Pay

Apple Pay has been around for a fair while now, with numerous fans cheering the feature – which allows iPhone users to pay for goods through their phone in hundreds of high street stores.

But now it seems that even more UK shoppers will be getting access to the feature after a duo of banks announced that they’ll be supporting the feature.

Both Tesco Bank and TSB are the two latest additions to the Apple Pay collection, meaning that customers should be able to go into the app right now and link their card to the service.

Setting up Apple Pay

Setting up Apple Pay is easy!

Regardless of whether you’re with a bank which worked with the feature on launch or one of the new additions to the service, you still set-up the service the same way.

You should have been automatically notified when you first got Apple Pay on your iPhone, but following that you need to hunt it down yourself to set it up.

To do this, simply open the Wallet app, which should be on your home screen, or inconveniently tucked away in your ‘Apple bloatware’ folder. Then simply add your card to the service and you’re good to go.

Apple still doesn’t quite have every kind of bank account working on the feature however, so if your card doesn’t work with the service just yet don’t be too surprised.

Still No Barclays?

One bank which still hasn’t jumped aboard the Apple Pay bandwagon is Barclays, something which is still quite a hitch for the feature, especially considering that it’s one of the most popular in the UK.

The bank was set to have the feature installed and ready to go for customers before the end of the calendar year, but with this latest duo of banks getting involved now, it seems strange that there’s been no mention of Barclays.

When is Barclay's going to jump on the bandwagon?

This means that the bank could be waiting out until the start of next year to get the service on the go, or that it doesn’t want to make any promises ahead of the festive period, but as a whole it’s still proving a frustration for iPhone using customers across the country.

Where can you use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has grown in prominence since its launch, and is now available in plenty of well known high street stores, ranging from Boots all the way up to Nando’s.

You can check out a selection of our favourite places to use Apple Pay here!

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Written by Luke Hatfield