Apple Rolls Out iOS 8.1.1 Update

Apple update coming

Apple has unveiled its latest iOS update, this time targeting bug fixes instead of new features in an effort to ease problems for older iPads and iPhones.

After downloading iOS 8, many iPhone 4s, 5 and older iPad users quickly realised that their devices simply weren’t able to handle the updated software.

For a brief period of time users were able to revert back to the more stable iOS 7 software, but those who didn’t were stuck with performance issues across the board which weren’t helped by further update issues.

The main areas affected were in the battery life and smoothness areas, with the iPhone 4s and iPad Mini particularly struggling to work efficiently.

Will you be downloading iOS 8.1.1?

However, iOS 8.1.1 is set to remedy these issues, offering improvements for older Apple devices without sacrificing anything from the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’s performance.

Many iPhone 6 users will see this update as a rather pointless one, which only increases the chance of a bug affecting their device. However, after the notable problems which came along with iOS 8.0.1 and other updates it’s likely that Apple will have extensively tested this new version of the software.

It goes without saying that as always, you should wait a few days before downloading unless you’re struggling with an older handset, in which case you should install the software as fast as possible.

The size of the update varies from model to model, but the average size of iOS 8.1.1 is around 70MB, but will require more room that that to install, as it has to keep the previous iOS software on-board until it’s fully installed itself.

Users are recommended to download and install through a PC connection rather than wirelessly, as it tends to be shorter and with less inherent issues.

You should expect your smartphone to be out of action for around 15 minutes if you plan on installing the update via PC, or around 25-30 minutes if done wirelessly.

The iPhone 4s is the Apple handset with the most issues from iOS 8

As always, if your iPhone or iPad hasn’t informed you of the update automatically, you can check your update by heading into settings > general > software update, from here you will be notified of whether you can update your system.

The update went live this week, so if you’re struggling to find it make sure to drop the guys and girls at Apple a line through its website or in-store.

Full details about this latest Apple update can be found in the software update area of your smartphone, in which it explains all of the fixes implemented by the software and which devices it will effect.

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Written by Luke Hatfield