Apple Offering in-store Screen Repairs

Broken iPhone Screen

All iPhone users fear dropping their phone and shattering its screen, but Apple is now offering to repair broken screens in-store on iPhone 5 and 5c models.

Gone are the days of the Nokia 3210, which could seemingly stand a drop from any height without harm. With the development of large touch screens, cracked displays are now a common sight across the globe.

Apple is rolling out it’s new in-store repair service though to counteract some of this problem at least, offering to replace screens for iPhone 5 and 5c models in all territories.

Repairs will be made in-store while you wait, or could possibly be left over a set period of days depending on demand.

It won’t come without a cost though, with around a £90 price tag for standard Apple customers, and a reduced £30 for customers with AppleCare+.

Even with this price tag, it seems a convenient option compared to replacing the entire phone or walking around with a clearly damaged screen.

Apple is warning consumers that if there is any damage to other parts of the phone, more costs could ensue, and possible replacement may still be an option.

It is still unknown whether Apple will be offering the service to the iPhone 5s or older models like the 4s and 4, both of which are still fairly popular handsets despite their growing age.

Either way it’s definitely good news for all of us clumsy smartphone users out there…

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Written by Luke Hatfield