Apple Now Perceived as Less "Inspiring"

Apple Less inspiring
The battle between Apple and Samsung has long been debated by industry experts, manufacturers and mobile users regarding who is really the most innovative with fans fighting for both sides, now it seems the latest blow in the debate has been dealt to Apple.
A brand survey conducted by Added Value consultants has found that Apple is now perceived to be less "inspiring" than it was three years ago. 
Whilst Apple still has legions of devoted fans there has been growing concerns with users and shareholders that the company simply can't continue the success of founder Steve Jobs since his death in October 2011.
The company’s share price has fallen by approximately $230bn since September 2012 and the latest iPhone 5 was seen, by many, as a simple merging of previous releases rather than a new innovative step forward as expected.
The survey shows that Samsung is now seen as equally "inspiring" in the US which will be in part thanks to the massive success of the Samsung Galaxy S3
The survey showed that Apple is still the overall winner when it comes to being perceived as "inspiring" but Korean rival Samsung has consistently come in top in various parts of the world. 
Sales figures showed that Apple and Samsung took the lead in smartphone users in the last part of 2012 with 52% of the market, but Samsung sold 64.5 million units compared to Apple with only 43.5 million.
The ongoing patent battles in court between the two parties have been rumbling on and this may be one of the reasons Apple has taken its eye of the ball and unless the next phone release really gives users something new and not a re-hashed model of old ideas Apple could slip even further down the innovation scale.
Do you think Apple has lost momentum since Steve Jobs death? Have you changed from Apple to another brand recently?
Can Apple come back stronger or will Samsung continue to dominate? 
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Written by: Carmel Brown