Apple Music for Android is out of beta

Apple Music for Android is out of beta

For the past ten months, Apple Music for Android has been available in the Google Play app store, as a beta version. On August 3rd, the Apple Music app dropped it beta testing status, making it available to those who have been waiting for a stable version, for their Android smartphone.

Apple Music for Android can be downloaded from Google Play and will run on Android phones that have Android v4.3 or later. So far, the app has seen a lot of interest with between five and ten million installs.

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The beta version of Apple Music was initially identical to the iOS version, but through its testing period it has evolved to take advantage of non-Apple hardware.

Apple Music free trial

The Apple Music Android app will allow smartphone users to try it out for three months, for free. After this, the service is offered on a subscription basis. 

Apple Music free trial

Two subscription choices are available and these are an individual subscription or family subscription. Costing just a few pounds per month in the UK, the Apple Music family subscription looks extremely attractive and will work well in households where there is a mix of Android and Apple devices in use.

Apple Music Android app

The Android version of Apple Music offers two exclusive-to-Android features that arguably make it better than the iOS version. First off, there is a home screen widget and just as useful is the option to save offline music to a microSD card.

Apple Music v1.0.0 introduces equaliser settings, which were missing in the beta version and this accompanies a wider series of updates that give playback, stability and performance improvements.

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Apple Music subscribers have access to 30 million songs in the Apple Music catalog. Playlists can be found for any genre and Apple Music will suggest playlist and album recommendations, based upon the music that has been listened to. The ‘My Music’ feature allows subscribers to have access to their music across all devices owned.

Subscribers can also listen to on-demand curated radio stations such as Beats 1. Here music from DJs and artists from around the world can be heard 24/7, along with exclusive interviews, weekly DJ mixes and guest hosts.

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Written by: Michael Brown