Apple makes preparations for UK iPhone trade-in scheme

Apple makes preparations for UK iPhone trade-in scheme

The popular iPhone trade-in scheme which has been operating in the US since August is set to make its way to the UK, reports have confirmed.

The “reuse and recycle” programme allows users to trade-in their old iPhones in return for a money-off card which can be put towards the cost of a new iPhone.

 The amount that users receive will depend on various factors, including the model, any damage and the overall condition of the device. In the US a 16GB iPhone 4 can bring in approximately £90-150, with an iPhone 5 being traded-in at around the £185 mark. These prices will most probably be subject to change as the programme rolls out in this country.

The voucher cannot, however, be used to buy iPhone accessories or iTunes credit in store, and will only be valid for future iPhone purchases.  

It is hoped that this recycle scheme will entice more users into Apple stores around the country, as currently, only 20% of Apple devices are bought directly from apple stores.

iPhone 5c production halved

This news comes the same day as production of the iPhone 5c, Apple’s cheaper iPhone model, has been halved.

Although some sources have suggested that iPhone 5c sales have been more disappointing than anticipated, analysts have commented that the cut in production is probably due to overproduction when the device was first released in order to compensate for the shortage of iPhone 5s handsets.