Apple Loses Appeal for US Sales Ban on Galaxy Nexus

Apple loses Nexus Sales Ban appeal

Apple has lost the court appeal to ban the sale of the Galaxy Nexus in the US as a court ruled in the favour of Samsung on Thursday allowing sales of the device to continue.

The Apple/Samsung court battle has been rumbling on and on for a while now with more back and forth than a tennis match but the latest set goes to Samsung. On Tuesday Samsung was cleared of willfully infringing Apple patents on several products but the damages payment of $1.049 billion still stands.

A three judge panel had rejected the sales ban request from Apple in October and the Appeal court has agreed with this initial decision. This gives Apple only one more step in the court process which is to take their appeal to the US Supreme Court; however they don't have a track record of imposing sales bans in patent cases.

This latest ruling will surely be a feather in the cap of Samsung in this ongoing battle and this also sets a precedent for Samsung to be able to keep their devices in stores whilst the long court battle rages on, securing what could have been a number of lost sales.

Who knows who will win in the end, this court drama has been going for a while with no end in sight and the cost to both parties will surely be substantial. However the court cases continue to grab headlines within industry and mainstream news so perhaps it is just one very expensive ad campaign.