Is the iWatch really in the making?

Is Apple really making a wearable iPhone?

July 2013: iWatch Trademark filed in Japan

A file to trademark the term 'iWatch' has been confirmed in Japan in the last few days, indicating that a smart-watch device is definitely in the making for tech giant Apple.

A Russian newspaper reported only last week that the iWatch has been trademarked in Russia, though at present, tehre have been no sightings of the device in Europe. 

Apple's CEO Tim Cook, speaking at the AllThingsD conference hinted that wearable technology could well be in the pipeline for the company, stating: "It's an area that's ripe for exploration". 

With Samsung smartwatch and a supposed Google/Motorola smartwatch in the making, we should start to see some of the rumours turning into reality sooner rather than later. 

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February 2013: New York Times Confirms iWatch is in the making

Rumours of Apple’s supposed advancements in the watch making-arena have gone wild this weekend, especially after the New York Times published a report claiming that the iWatch really is in the making, albeit in the early stages of production.

I remember a time when I was amazed that Casio could produce a watch with an in-built calculator, but now it seems that I am about to have my socks blown right off if rumours of a wearable iPhone prove to be true.

The iWatch won’t be the first wearable smartphone device, however. At CES just last month the Pebble Watch was unveiled, which, using Bluetooth, allows users to read and write messages, listen to music and check the weather from a simple glance at the wrist.

The supposed iWatch, though, will apparently offer much more. Speculation suggests that the Apple device will be able to conduct all of the same functions as an iPhone, and the New York Times report questions whether the device will feature Siri-the image of people pretending they’re an international spy springs to mind- or perhaps it will offer iMaps, allowing you to navigate the streets of say, Edinburgh, without having to even get your phone out of your bag.

Although talk of the iWatch is rife, even observers close to Apple can state that the watch will not be ready for some time. While bendable glass has been revealed as the next big thing in the tech world, with Samsung unveiling the flexible phone at this year’s CES, it is clear that the concept is in its early stages of development, and is in no way close to being fit for Apple devices just yet.

In the meantime, it looks as though the Pebble watch might be safe…for now. But with other  smart-watches like the i'M Watch and news of a Samsung watch and a Google watch surfacing, we could be seeing Apple competing with the rest of them on the smart-watch front!

What’s concerning most Apple fans for the time being isn’t the iWatch, however; it is the newest iPhone 6 which is captivating the eager eyes of the technophiles out there.  Take a look at our iPhone 6 rumours to learn more about Apple's latest developments.

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel