Apple Announces iPhone 5se Spring Event

iPhone 5se

Apple has officially confirmed when it will holding its next major event, pinpointing March 21st as the day you need to keep an eye out for a new iPhone and iPad launch. As always, Apple is being nice and mysterious about what could be on show, although plenty of rumours have been circling regarding this chances of a smaller iPhone and a new iPad Pro.

Meet the iPhone 5se

Time to Loop you in…

In typical Apple fashion, there’s no word on exactly what we’ll be getting from the event, with invitations showing just a single close-up picture of the Apple logo with a fancy background. Underneath that we get a simple strapline that reads ‘Let us loop you in’.

Obviously, this means nothing to the regular smartphone fan, who’s just after news on the next iPhone launch. However, Apple fans around the globe will be piecing together rumours of what could be on show at the event, using only this text as a starting point.

Will you be getting the iPhone 5se?

The event itself takes place on March 21st (only ten days away at the time of writing), so we don’t actually have too long to wait for the occasion, which is set to be held in Cupertino.

Time for the iPhone 5se?

One device that’s been heavily rumoured to show up at the event is an all new iPhone 5se. Which will bring back the small 4” display last featured on the iPhone 5s, helping provide for smartphone fans who aren’t crazy about the phablet hype that’s surrounded smartphone launches of late.

Expected to feature some of the specs direct from the iPhone 6, the iPhone 5se is expected to boast a great mixture of power and style.

Apple is also likely to keep the price tag lower than the likes of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as the lesser specs and smaller build will undoubtedly be less costly to produce. This will make the iPhone 5se a great option if you plan on saving some cash as well as investing in an Apple handset.

What else could be on show from Apple?

Is it time to take a look at the iPhone 5se?

Buy an iPhone

Another likely appearance at the event is that of a new iPad Pro, which could be replacing the Air line-up, with a 9” display. This would be packing the same specs (if not better) than the 12” iPad Pro, which has seen a mixed reception since its launch.

Elsewhere, we could see some more Apple Watch announcements, with an Apple Watch 2 unlikely for the moment. We could see some extra bands or accessories for the wearable hardware though, or maybe even some extra features for its software.

Other pieces of software could also be shown off by Tim Cook, who will almost certainly be hosting the show once again, with a hint of iOS 10 not too unlikely.

So, what do you expect to be put on show by Apple at the March 21st event? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield