iPad Air Plus Rumours Emerge

iPad Air Plus

Apple is reportedly planning to reveal a new super-sized tablet device at the beginning of 2015, according to a popular publication within Japan.

Apple which has recently unveiled two brand new iPad devices earlier on this year, will apparently open up its fans to a larger tablet market, with this new slate set to feature a display upward of 12”.

Until this year Apple had been synonymous with producing smaller screened technology, with the iPhone 5s featuring just a 4” display, and its other tablets also being relatively small. But now it seems that the company has had a change of heart.

Boasting a 12.2” Retina HD display, the iPad Air Plus as it’s set to be named will be the perfect stepping stone for users needing a larger screen, but without the need for a Mac.

Do you think a 12" iPad is a good idea?

iPad Air Plus Specs

The Apple tablet is also rumoured to boast the most powerful spec list of any device from the company to date, making for a top quality tablet all-round.

The most notable addition is likely to be a brand new processor from the Cupertino based company, this one being the A9 effort, which is a step up from the A8 processor seen in the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

Also rumoured to make the cut on the big screened device is a non-expandable hard drive selection of 64GB, 128GB and possibly 256GB.

Other specs are rumoured to include an improved 12 megapixel camera, 3GB RAM and a longer lasting battery.

iOS 8 is guaranteed to be included right out of the box, with an upgrade to iOS 9 not expected until September 2015.

For now, the largest iPad on the market is the Air 2, which sizes up at 9.7”, whilst the smaller iPad Mini 3 boasts a 7.9” effort.

The iPhone 6 Plus is far and away the biggest smartphone display from Apple, which registers at 5.5”, making this upcoming tablet well over twice its size.

The iPad Air Plus would dwarf many other Apple devices

Price/Release Date

As previously mentioned, Apple is rumoured to have a launch for the tablet planned in Q1 2015, possibly before or after MWC, with the company having avoided the event previously, meaning a visit to Barcelona is unlikely.

Apple will likely release details of its own media event after Christmas, where they’ll unveil the device, possibly alongside the release of the long awaited Apple Watch, which itself was revealed back in September.

As always, don’t go expecting the price to be a low one if you’re planning to pick up the larger Apple tablet, with prices expected to be close to the £800 mark for the largest memory option.

Apple is yet to confirm any of this information, but like normal, it won’t respond to any rumours or speculation until it sees fit, so don’t expect official word for a while.

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Written by Luke Hatfield